The advantages of applying for loans by mobile phone

Do you urgently need a loan because you have all the appliances? Would you like to enjoy a weekend at a beach paradise, but you have not saved anything in this month? Would you like to give your partner something for Valentine’s Day, but you don’t have enough money? Do you urgently need money to end the month? A good solution to all these needs is to apply for loans by mobile phone, a fantastic alternative to asking for money in traditional financial institutions.What advantages do mobile phone loans offer?What advantages do mobile phone loans offer?

Unlike traditional banking entities or branches, mobile phone loans have a number of advantages for those who urgently need money in a matter of hours such as the following:

  1. To request loans by mobile phone it is not necessary that you have to go to any bank branch to be able to request it. In this way, from your home, you can perform the management comfortably.
  2. As loans are made through a simple mobile call, the process is much simpler and faster. In addition, you do not need to provide payroll or guarantee to be granted loans by mobile phone; Only with your personal data can you process your request for the granting of the credit.
  3. In a matter of hours, you will have the amount of up to 750 euros in your bank account and you can return them within a period of up to 30 days. Similarly, you can request more than one loan and do not worry if you are on the delinquency list.

In summary, mobile phone loans are, in short, a fantastic alternative to more traditional sources of financing that are increasingly more restrictive in terms of granting these types of loans, due to the new Spanish and European guidelines.

Therefore, without the need for paperwork and in a few hours, with applying for loans by mobile phone you will have at your fingertips the money you need to be able to make a lightning trip to any destination, give a detail to your partner for his birthday, reform the room, replace the television with a Smart TV or, to pamper yourself, buy you the new next-generation mobile.

For all these reasons, you have no excuse so you can ask all these questions thanks to mobile phone loans . So, what are you waiting to ask for loans by mobile phone?


Finance your projects with a personal payday loan

How to finance your projects with a personal payday loan?

How to finance your projects with a personal loan?

You have a project in mind that you would like to achieve but you do not know how to finance? Be aware that the personal payday loan can help you finance all or part of your project. To subscribe with your bank or any other credit organization, the personal payday loan has many advantages. Zoom on this consumer credit!

1. Understand the personal payday loan.

1. Understand the personal loan.

The personal payday loan counts among the consumer credits. A consumer can apply to his bank or an external credit agency to finance a personal project. This credit application is said to be “unaffected” because the lending organization does not have to ask for proof of the use of the funds.

From the moment the financial institution grants this credit to consumption, the borrower uses it in the way he wishes. He can thus finance the purchase of a good, works, a ceremony, a trip or other.

Namely, to protect the borrower, the Consumer Code provides for a withdrawal period after signing the credit agreement. This period is 14 days.

2. The request for a personal payday loan

2. The request for a personal loan

If the request for a personal payday loan can be made by any consumer, it nevertheless requires to collect and send various documents to the lending organization.

To put the odds on your side, you must provide a complete file. This must include:

  • A copy of your ID.
  • A proof of address can be a bill of water or electricity, a letter from the bank or any other administrative paper.
  • A bank or postal identity card.
  • For those receiving a salary, a copy of the last three bulletins.
  • For self-employed and retired persons, a copy of the latest tax notices.
  • For people with property, a copy of the property tax.
  • For people who already have credits in progress, amortization tables.

Through these various documents, the lending agency will be able to study your application and analyze your creditworthiness and your ability to repay.

Note that before applying for consumer credit, it is important that you simulate this application online. There are many simulators that will help you know your ability to repay and therefore whether it is advisable or not to apply for a personal payday loan.

3. The annual percentage rate of charge.

3. The annual percentage rate of charge.

The APR calculates the true cost of a personal payday loan in the form of an annualized percentage. The interest rate alone announced with your personal payday loan offer will not allow you to know the true cost of your credit. To know the total amount, other elements must enter into account.

The calculation of the annual percentage rate of charge thus takes into account:

The calculation of the annual percentage rate of charge thus takes into account:

  • The nominal loan rate, which is the base rate for calculating interest.
  • Borrower insurance contributions if you subscribe for one to protect yourself. (Note that the lender can not require you to buy this insurance because it is not mandatory).
  • Application fee.
  • You can calculate your APR thanks to the many simulators. For this you will need to fill in:
  • The amount borrowed.
  • The loan term that suits you best.
  • The fixed annual lending rate.
  • Borrower insurance if you have one.
  • Application fee.

By calculating the APR of your personal payday loan via a simulator, you will get the fixed APR, the monthly payment, the monthly cost of your insurance, and the total amount of your loan. Thus, you will know if you are able to repay or not this credit.


How to Make Your Personal Financial Planning in 5 Steps

 Travel abroad, meet good restaurants, buy personal items, things for home and even save. Everyone dreams of having a financial life that balances their desires with obligations, while maintaining a future reserve for peace of mind.

At the current time in Brazil, personal financial planning has become an essential strategy for anyone who wants to avoid problems when it comes to money. After all, prices have grown and purchasing power has in many cases not accompanied this rise.

According to Jarndyce family’s Consumer Habits survey, residential bills such as water and electricity, as well as pay TV, internet and telephone expenses were 47% higher in 2015. This type of expense now represents 9% of the Brazilian budget In August. An increase of 73% compared to January.

What to do in front of this scenario? Do not worry! We’ve produced this article to help you. They are precious tips to create an efficient personal financial planning, based on small changes of habits, discipline and care in your day to day.

The Importance of Personal Financial Planning

The Importance of Personal Financial Planning

Financial planning allows you to establish strategies and ways to achieve life goals and objectives, such as:

  • Buying a property
  • Ride tour
  • Changing a vehicle
  • Increase in income

It will help you balance your expenses and revenues by leaving your bills in the blue. But much more than an activity, planning is an action that works well for the pocket and the mind.

By understanding what needs to be done today to get more financial reassurance tomorrow, you can also take care of yourself.

According to a Northwestern Mutual study in 2014, people who plan financially, feel safer, and contribute to their future goals. Another major research, the PFEEF, conducted in 2012, points out that 23% of people who have financial problems have had depression.

Do you understand what that means? Personal financial planning goes far beyond numbers. And the most important: to see and feel results, just start.

Rule of 50, 15, 35

Jarndyce family always suggests understanding this strategy before beginning any personal financial planning. Because? It is a very simple rule that helps you balance the bills, but it also allows you to have an overview of what your behavior should be in relation to your finances.

  • 50% of your monthly income should be earmarked for basic expenses, rent, electricity bill, gas, telephone, school, gasoline, English courses, medical insurance and supermarket.
  • 15% should be earmarked for financial priorities, better known as debt.
  • 35% would be spent on lifestyle-related expenses, or non-essential expenses such as restaurants, gym, beauty salon, travel and shopping in general.

Each case is different. It is important to stress that this is a basic methodology. Its application depends on variables that change according to income, level of indebtedness and personal tastes.

How To Make Your Personal Financial Planning

How To Make Your Personal Financial Planning

It is neither impossible nor laborious. The results can happen daily, and in a month, your accounts will already feel the reflection.

Despite the long and difficult face name, personal financial planning can be accomplished with simple attitudes, being adaptable to any kind of reality and fully applicable in people’s lives.

We’ve prepared these steps for you to take good care of your pocket and make everything blue.

1. Financial education

1. Financial education

Knowing the importance and function of money is essential. It seems silly, but the lack of knowledge about the financial universe makes people make the wrong decisions and plunge into complicated problems.

A survey conducted by the Rosenfield Institute in 2012 showed that 44.4% of the Brazilian population uses savings as an investment, followed by the current account with 37%.

That is, most of the people, not to go deeper into the topic, stop making money, especially in the medium and long term.

Another interesting point of the survey shows that 47% use friends and family as the main source of information. That’s where the secret lives: look for specialists to educate yourself financially.

2. Set Goals


Planning means future. You act now, if structure, to get well in one place. But this place needs to be very clear. Because otherwise you get lost and you’re not going anywhere.

Therefore, set goals and objectives, establishing two things: deadlines and values. It is no use to want to buy a house without knowing how much and when to pay. Or a car and even a trip.

Example: I want to buy a car, in the amount of $ 35,000, within 2 years. In that case, your ultimate goal is clear. You know you need to save exact $ 1,458 a month to reach it.

3. Save and Save Money

3. Save and Save Money

Money in the hand is gale, the poet had already said. Knowing how to use the right amount to spend and save money are one of the great secrets of personal financial planning.

  • Save: Search for prices before you buy. Evaluate each item in the grocery store and see if you are not making superfluous expenses. Try to balance the lunch hour, for example by reserving three to four days of the week for more restaurants.
  • Save: How about you reserve 10% of your budget to save? At this time, it is worth the discipline or some kind of investment that automatically makes the rescue, so you do not have to save the money every month.

4. Write down expenses and income people

4. Write down expenses and income people

You have set your goal and want to save, but you need to know exactly what your expenses are. It’s time to score. Record your everything. From the bullet after lunch to the purchase of the month in the supermarket. The Pocket Guide also gives tips on how to perform a daily spending control.

5. Personal cash flow

5. Personal cash flow

It may seem like company financial thing, but a cash flow is a great partner for your personal financial planning. It is a tool that, simplified for your day to day life, will help you understand where the expenses are and what needs to be reallocated.

  • Accounts payable: these are your fixed and variable expenses. The rent, the provision of the car, a trip to the restaurant or the day laborer.
  • Accounts receivable: your salary, extra work done in the month.

Make the difference between what you have to pay and what to receive. Understand where you should work to improve your financial life.



Insufficient Housing: Definition and Procedure




The state of insalubrity is declared when the observed deteriorations present a serious danger for the occupants or the neighborhood. It may concern a building in its entirety or an occupied or vacant dwelling. In the case of a co-ownership, the insalubrity can affect the common or private parts.

The declaration of insalubrity


The causes often concern problems related to the strength of the building, the absence or non-compliance of the networks (electricity, water, heating and sanitation) and sometimes the discovery of hazardous materials during real estate diagnoses, such as l asbestos or lead.

As soon as a case is declared, the DASS ( Department of Sanitary and Social Affairs ) is seized and writes a report to the prefect of the department. He then consults the departmental council of hygiene (CDH) before making the necessary decisions.


The different situations

The different situations


Case of irremediable insalubrity

If the DASS considers that the problem can not be solved by works, the prefectural decree may then prohibit the occupants from continuing to lodge. Some cases of irremediable insalubrity can force the prefect to order the demolition of the building.

Case of remediable insalubrity

If, on the other hand, the DASS considers that it is a case of insalubrity remediable, the prefect will specify by order prefectural in which time the work will be carried out as well as their conditions of execution.

Tenants and relocation

Tenants may suspend the payment of rents from the notification of the order of insalubrity. When the dwellings have been struck with a temporary prohibition of occupation, the owner has the obligation to find a solution for relocation for the tenant during the period of the work. The costs incurred by the relocation being borne by the owner.

The obligation to inform

If the prefect concludes that he is unsanitary, he must inform the occupants of the building one month before consulting the HRC . The latter can then inform the prefect of their remarks.
The notification of the order is transmitted to the owners. When the work concerns the common parts of a co-ownership, this notification is then given to the trustee, at his charge to inform then the occupants.

It can also proceed by public display at the town hall of the place of residence and on the building itself.


Execution of unsanitary work


Upon notification of the declaration of insalubrity, the owner has a deadline to have the work done. When these are carried out in accordance with the specifications drawn up by the prefect, the latter then requests the release of the order.

Release of the order

The prefect notes by order the conformity of the realization of the prescribed works and their date of completion. He pronounces the release of the decree.

Case where the work was not executed

The owner who does not perform the work within the prescribed time receives a formal notice to perform the work. Otherwise, the mayor or the prefect may order the ex officio execution of the works to be borne by the owner.

If the landlord attempts to re-let the property, he faces a sentence of up to two years imprisonment and a fine of up to € 75,000.



Do You Know How To Declare Unemployment Insurance In Income Tax?

At the time of making the declaration of Income Tax, it is common to arise several doubts. How to declare this, and what? How to cite a certain income? Which category should I use? The income obtained from unemployment insurance is one of the most confusing. So, let’s clarify a few key points for you to know how to declare unemployment insurance in the Income Tax and not take the risk of falling into the fine mesh. But, first of all, see if you really need to make the IR statement.

Something very important to note is that both unemployment insurance and the FGTS are income exempt from taxation. This means that a percentage of these earnings will not be discounted and that they should be included in the non-taxable income category.

How to declare unemployment insurance in income tax

But then, how to declare unemployment insurance in the Income Tax?

When completing this item in the application or declaration form, you must be informed of the value of the income. In addition, it must be written if it belongs to the holder or to the dependent, besides the name and CPF or CNPJ of the paying source. Any requested item that is not filled in may result in an error in the declaration.

Unemployment insurance should be informed on line 24 of the file dedicated to Exempt and Non-taxable Income. As soon as you open the help desk, it is important to inform the Worker Support Fund (FAT) as the paying source. Here, you can choose whether to inform the CNPJ of the institution or not. The institution’s CNPJ number is 07.526.983 / 0001-43.

The IRS offers on its website the 2019 Income Tax Calendar, with a complete schedule for completing the document.

If you have not already programmed, it is good to run. The deadline is April 30 and anyone who does not make the statement may have future problems with the Revenue and even receive a fine for the delay. If you are in the arrears group, check out our post on how to declare late income tax.

What is unemployment insurance?

What is unemployment insurance?

Now that you already know how to declare Unemployment Insurance in Income Tax, better understand unemployment insurance.
Unemployment insurance is a cash assistance granted by the government to a worker who is relieved of his or her employment without just cause. Cases in which just cause are applied are not entitled to insurance.

The benefit is deposited in the current account by the Federal Cashier of the monthly guaranteed and originates from the fund created with the payment of PASEP or PIS (Social Integration Program (PIS)

Workers are entitled to the benefit of:

  • They were fired without just cause;
  • Do not receive another labor benefit simultaneously;
  • Do not be owners or partners in private companies;
  • Have been for at least 16 months without applying for unemployment insurance;
  • For rural workers, it is necessary to have worked for at least 15 months in the last two years.

Who can apply for unemployment insurance?

Who can apply for unemployment insurance?

Since last year, some rules have been modified to apply for unemployment insurance. For example, it is currently required that there is at least 12 consecutive months of signed work for who will apply for the benefit for the first time. If it is the second time that the worker requests the insurance, it is mandatory at least nine consecutive months of wallet signed in the last employment. If it is your third (or more) of the application, the requirement is six months of a signed contract.


TOP 12 Banks That Offer the Lowest Interest on Loans in 2019 Online Loan



In March 2019 , we conducted research to find banks that provide loans with the lowest interest rates on consumer loans. We are glad to share with you the results.

Minimum interest on cash loans.

Minimum interest on cash loans.

Bank Percent Request
Home credit from 10.9% To issue
Renaissance Credit for 1 hour from 11.3% To issue
Raiffeisen Bank from 11.4% To issue
East Bank Without failure from 11.5% To issue
SKB-Bank from 11.99% To issue
Sovcom Bank from 12% To issue
Tinkoff Bank from 12% To issue
Mail Bank from 12.9% To issue
RosBank from 13.5% To issue
OTP Bank from 14.9% To issue
UBRD up to 7 years from 15% To issue
Alfa Bank from 15.99% To issue


You can get a loan at 12% per annum and below in Renaissance, Tinkoff Bank, Vostochny, the advantage of these banks is that they consider applications without providing a certificate of employment. Sovcombank and UBRD also do not require proof of income, but their minimum bracket is from 12% per annum. It is quite possible to get money at a relatively low percentage of 15% at Alfa-Bank.

Low interest loan


Bank “Home Credit” – loans up to 50 0 000 rubles from 10.9%!

Home Credit Bank is the leader in consumer loans at the point of sale. To apply online and receive a loan, you only need a passport.
A wide product line for clients of different social status. Regular customers additional favorable terms. Customer deposits are insured.
The bank is actively involved in social life.

Online application for a loan at Home Credit Bank →

Summary: Home Credit Bank ranks first in the consumer credit market, due to its low interest rates, customer focus and modern services.

Low interest cash loan

“Renaissance Credit” – up to 700,000 rubles at 11.3%

A bank with small interest rates, where you can get a consumer loan on two documents. It works in almost all major cities of Russia, issues cash on the same day for a period of up to 5 years, has a special program for retirees.

Online application to Renaissance Credit Bank →

Summary: Renaissance Credit is the bank with the lowest interest rates, where you can apply for a loan on two documents.

Low interest cash loans

Low interest cash loans

Raiffeisen Bank – single rate 10.99% for a loan amount up to 2 million rubles

The bank follows the highest quality standards in its work; therefore, customers trust it and agree to long-term cooperation.
For a loan of up to 300,000 rubles, you only need a passport; up to 1,000,000 rubles – passport and proof of income; up to 2,000,000 rubles – passport, proof of income and employment. Term use from 1 year to 5 years.
The decision on the online application is taken in 2 minutes. You can get an approved loan at the office or with free courier delivery.

Online application for a loan from Raiffeisen Bank →

Summary: Raiffeisen Bank provides loans for large amounts at a reduced interest rate.

Low interest loans

Low interest loans

Vostochny Bank – low interest and high odds

In our opinion, there are not the smallest rates at Vostochny Bank, but here, there are maximum chances for application approval, even for borrowers with a poor credit history. In this bank, you can get a loan on a passport, without a certificate of income and any additional documents. Applications are accepted online and are reviewed within 5-10 minutes.

Online application for a loan at Vostochny Bank →

Summary: Bank “Vostochny” – not the smallest interest, but the maximum chance of approval of the application.

The lowest interest on the loan


SKB-Bank is a simple and convenient loan.
SKB-Bank grants consumer loans in the amount of up to 300 thousand rubles without a certificate of income, up to 1.3 million rubles if there is a certificate. Interest rate of 9.9%. Loan term from 1 to 5 years. An application for a loan is considered up to 2 business days. Early repayment without commissions and fines is possible.
Comfortable, modern and free internet bank and mobile application.
Instant money transfers between cards of any banks.

Online application for a loan to SKB-Bank →

Summary: “SKB-Bank” – low interest on loans for any purpose; universal online service.

Take a small loan


Sovcom Bank is in the top 10 banks with the most profitable loans in 2018.
In Sovcom Bank, you can get a loan in the amount of 5 thousand to 1 million rubles for a period of 1 to 5 years. Interest rate – from 12% per annum. For a loan of up to 40 thousand rubles, you only need a passport. The best offer is a loan of 100,000 rubles for 1 year at 12% per annum. You can make an online application in 2 minutes.
There are special credit programs for pensioners. A large amount can be obtained on the security of a car or real estate.
If there is a bad credit history, the bank offers the program “Credit Doctor”.

Online application for a loan in Sovcom Bank →

Summary: Sovcom Bank is a large financial institution with attractive consumer lending conditions.

Take a consumer loan at a minimum percentage

Take a consumer loan at a minimum percentage

Tinkoff Bank is a modern and practical bank with a full range of financial services.
A loan of up to 2 million rubles for 1-3 years is issued without references, guarantors and a visit to the bank. The interest rate on the loan of 12%.
All applications are processed online, the courier will deliver the card from 1 to 7 days to any place. Perhaps a partial early repayment – at any time by phone. Free top-up at 300,000 points in Russia. There are mortgage lending programs.
The first Russian bank, which completely abandoned branches. Banking operations are instantly carried out by phone or via the Internet.

Online application for a loan in Tinkoff Bank →

Summary: Tinkoff Bank is the best online retail bank with various credit and debit cards for any needs.

Consumer credit the most favorable conditions


Pochta Bank is a new retail bank with branches in Russian post offices.
In the “Mail Bank” you can get a loan of up to 1.5 million rubles for a period of 1 to 5 years. We need only a passport and SNILS. When paying from 10,000 rubles a month, the interest rate decreases from 12.9% to 10.9%. The decision on the application is made in 1 minute.
The Element 120 bank card allows you to make purchases with a payment within 120 days. The bank has special conditions on loans for education and loans for pensioners .

Online application for a loan in Mail Bank →

Summary: Pochta Bank is a universal retail bank with affordable loans for various purposes.

Banks consumer credit

Banks consumer credit

Rosbank is part of the Societe Generale group, the leading universal European bank.
The bank offers a “Just Money” loan without collateral in the amount of 50,000 to 3,000,000 rubles with an interest rate of 13.5% to 19.5% for a period of 13 to 84 months. You need a passport and an income statement, if the amount exceeds 400,000 rubles, the bank requests additional data. The credit limit can be increased by presenting information about additional income. More attractive conditions are offered for borrowers who receive wages to an account at Rosbank, employees of partner companies, retirees, state employees, etc.
In Rosbank, 8 out of 10 applications for a loan are approved.

Online application for a loan in Rosbank →

Summary: Rosbank offers loan programs at rates above average.

Profitable loan

Profitable loan

“OTP Bank” is a universal credit organization, a member of the international financial group OTP (OTP Group).
In “OTP Bank” you can get a loan in the amount of 15,000 to 4,000,000 rubles. Rates range from 10.5% to 14.9%, determined by the bank, taking into account the risk level of the client. Loan term up to 7 years. Application processing time from 15 minutes to 1 business day. There is a paid service “Transfer of the date of payment.”
Bank offices in 3,700 locations across the country. In addition to private individuals, the bank cooperates with small and medium-sized businesses, develops credit solutions for corporate clients, and is a reliable partner for financial organizations.

Online application for a loan in OTP Bank →

Summary: OTP Bank provides loans to corporate clients and individuals, the interest rate is determined individually.

Take a bank loan at the minimum percentage

Take a bank loan at the minimum percentage

UBRD is the largest bank in Russia offering high-quality service and simple financial solutions.
The bank offers three types of loan products:
● “Available” credit – up to 200,000 rubles with an interest rate of 11% without references and guarantors only on a passport;
● “Open” credit – up to 1 500 000 rubles, the rate of 11%, you need a passport and certificate of income;
● “ Credit card 120 days” – from 30,000 to 299,999 rubles for 3 years. Interest for the use of the loan does not accrue the first 120 days, after the grace period expires the rate is 28-31%. For registration you need a passport and certificate of income.
Commission for card account maintenance and withdrawals. Early repayment is free.

Online application for a loan at UBRD Bank →

Summary: UBRD provides loans for various requests at affordable interest rates.

Best cash loans

Best cash loans

Alfa-Bank is the largest Russian private bank, one of the top 10 most important credit institutions.
Universal bank, carrying out all major types of banking operations, serving private and corporate clients, investment banking, trade finance, etc.
A cash loan of up to 3,000,000 rubles is issued at Alfa Bank with an interest rate of 11.99% for a period of 1 to 5 years.
Consumer credit up to 1 000 000 rubles is issued at a rate of 14.99%, the first 100 days do not accrue interest for using money. Only need a passport.
Alfa Bank has a huge selection of credit and debit cards , mortgage lending options and deposits, free services for savings, refinancing programs and loans secured by property.
The approval percentage is the highest.

Online application for a loan in Alfa Bank →

Summary: Alfa-Bank is a reliable bank that holds leadership positions and offers various services on favorable terms.

How to get a low-interest consumer loan?

How to get a low-interest consumer loan?

Start with “your” bank. If you receive a salary on the card, apply for money to the bank that issued this card. You are probably waiting for lower interest rates and minimum requirements for a package of documents. For example: a standard consumer loan in Alfa-Bank is 15.99%. And if you get a salary at stake, the interest rate is reduced to 13.99%

To increase the chances of finding the most favorable conditions, consider several options. Apply in two or three places at the same time , find out your individual rate and select the bank that will offer the most favorable conditions.

Collect documents. Many banks issue loans in cash without a certificate of income, and sometimes just on the passport of a Russian citizen. This is convenient, but if you expect low interest rates, try to prove your financial situation with some documents. Best of all – help on the form 2-NDFL and a copy of the workbook.


What Are Shareholder Subordinated Loans And What Advantages And Disadvantages Do They Have?

Investing in start-ups in Germany takes place mainly through shareholder subordinated loans, but what kind of instrument is that actually?

The term “shareholder subordinated loan” has three main components. If you go through it from back to front, you realize that it is primarily about a loan. As an investor, I leave a certain amount of money to my contract partner for a temporary period and receive interest.

The subordinate prefix means that my loan receivable is deferred in comparison to other claims of third parties, ie if the contract partner (here: the start-up) becomes insolvent, it can be assumed that any returns from the bankruptcy estate will only be third Parties benefit. The word “shareholder” means that my income as an investor depends on the performance of the company in which I have invested. As a refund I receive an amount depending on the turnover or the profit of the company.

Disadvantages of the shareholder subordinated loan

Disadvantages of the shareholder subordinated loan

I suppose I did not exactly make you tasty subordinate loans so far. Obviously: As an investor I have a similar position in monetary terms as the shareholder, but I do not have the information and control rights of a shareholder and of course no participation.

In addition, the share (and GmbH shares) and their properties are regulated by law in the Stock Corporation Act, whereas the shareholder subordinated loan is more flexible in its design, ie most of the properties of the loan are regulated in the loan agreement. Let’s just be like this … I’m not a lawyer, but generally I prefer a legal regulation of the financial instrument to have legal certainty.

And what are the advantages?

And what are the advantages?

I had already indicated that I had limited my investment activity in Germany and only invested in the UK, because platforms such as Seedrs offer real company shares there. I do not regret the move either, but partiary subordinated loans have, in my opinion, earned a better reputation. I even go so far as to say that they are at least as good as stocks, depending on the investment strategy.

A big advantage is the transparency in the evaluation. As a rule, the valuation is contractually regulated and comprehensible for anyone who can operate a calculator. This makes the fair value of the share more transparent because the receivable can be quantified against the company. For a share without a standalone market, the valuation is much more difficult.

The second big advantage is the ability to liquidate. As a result of being able to terminate the loan, at a certain point in time I can simply withdraw my claim, whereas for a share I have to find a buyer. Honestly, it should also be mentioned here that the start-up is also entitled to terminate and repay the loan after a certain time, which is a disadvantage if I prefer to stay invested. This can not happen to a stock.

Theoretical advantages of the shareholder subordinated loan

Theoretical advantages of the shareholder subordinated loan

In addition, subordinate loan subordinates have two other advantages, but they are more theoretical. First, the loan is repaid at par, ie in case of bad performance of the company, the loan does not lose value and you get the face value plus interest repaid. Stocks do not have such “protection”. However, in such a case it is unlikely that the company can repay anything at all (hence theoretically).

In addition, in the event of bankruptcy, the lenders have access to the bankruptcy estate before the shareholders. In fact, however, it can be assumed that in the case of young companies, no returns from the insolvency estate can be expected for both groups.

Therefore, it should also be clearly and clearly stated at this point: Subordinated subordinated loans are subject to a high degree of risk. Total losses are not uncommon. Only those who can tolerate the loss of capital invested should invest in such investments.



I can invest in subordinate subordinated loans in young German companies, which otherwise would only be possible with great effort. Partial subordinated loans have far more advantages than you think. Depending on what investor’s investment philosophy pursues, investing in a shareholder subordinated loan may be better suited for him than a stock investment in the same company.




Calculation of the Debt Ratio

Simulation with the calculator

To calculate your debt ratio in just a few seconds, you only need to enter in the first field your annual net income and in the second the monthly installments of current credits . Specify if you own or rent, that’s all.

The data entered must only contain numerical values!

The data entered must only contain numerical values!


Annual net revenue

Current monthly payments (M1 + M2 + ..)

Are you the owners? Yes no ________________________________________________________________________________________

You must take into account all of your net annual income. For example, your monthly net salary multiplied by 12, plus any bonuses (13th month, holiday bonus …). Add ancillary income such as alimony or rents collected in the year.

Be aware that banks rarely exceed a debt ratio of 33%, even if the risk analysis is global and covers other elements such as the ” remainder to live “, that is to say the sum remaining in once paid the different monthly payments, the professional stability or the good performance of the bank accounts.

Do not count all your income

The calculation of the debt ratio takes into account only the certain incomes of co-borrowers. For example, 13th month bonuses or holiday bonuses are taken into account and considered as remuneration. On the other hand, incentive or participation bonuses are not included in the calculation due to their random nature, even though their payment has been recurrent for several years.

For housing assistance ( APL , housing allowance) or family allowances, be aware that banks sometimes weight their amount according to the age of children or the situation of borrowers.

More generally, she wants to make sure before accepting to finance your project, that your income will be paid regularly during the loan period. Although there is no guarantee that you will keep your current employment situation and that your income will remain stable, it seeks to minimize the risks of departure and to ensure that you are able to meet the monthly payments .

Example calculation of the debt ratio

Let’s take a simple example with a couple of borrowers whose annual professional income net of expenses amount to € 35,000. Mr. receives in addition to a premium of thirteenth month and Madam of a bonus of profit which varies according to the years of 1200 to 1800 €. The couple has two children aged 2 and 4. They therefore receive a monthly APL of 128 €.

They also refund a car loan that will end in three months and for which they repay 150 € monthly.

They want to buy their home. For this, the bank’s financing plan proposes a repayment schedule of € 850 per month.

All income is taken into account with the exception of the incentive bonus because of its randomness. The 13th month will however be counted.

Amount of net income: € 35,000 + € 2,500 + (128 * 12) = € 39,036

Results of the calculation of the household debt ratio :

  • Before realization of the real estate project: (150 * 12 * 100) / 39 036 € = 4,6%
  • After purchase of housing: ((150 * 12) + 850) = 30.74%



This is a folder that will not pose a problem. On the one hand the debt ratio is lower than 33% and on the other hand, the rest to live is enough for a couple with 2 children. If the couple has more than a personal contribution, it will even be in force to negotiate the best rate conditions, because the file will interest the bank.

Regarding the consumption loan, it could almost not appear in the calculation due to the low remaining time. In fact, at this stage, it is necessary to take into account the time needed to release the loan, ie about three months. The couple will no longer repay the car loan when the mortgage will be released. In any case, given the small capital left over, it could easily be repaid.



Sales Pipeline: Learn In 5 Steps How to Set Up Your Business



Sales Pipelines are made by entrepreneurs to become more efficient in their goals. But not all business professionals know how to put together a well-structured and useful daily activity map. And if you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place. Learn how to do it and put it into practice in your company!

When it comes to new business, especially those in the digital world, it’s important to have a well-tied and connected flow to the sales funnel, as Pipeline is also known. The management of this dynamic is vital for the maintenance of the business and its proper functioning as a whole.

What is a Sales Pipeline? What is it composed of?

What is a Sales Pipeline? What is it composed of?

The Sales Pipeline is a map of activities that must be done frequently in the company, composing the sales process in all its stages. Your structure should start on receiving the first contact and go through to closing the deal.

The goal is to transform the art of winning customers into a more practical and schematic activity. Everything that floats through the pipeline must follow every step of the negotiation, but do not think that makes the process easy.

We can not confuse the pipeline with a cake recipe to be followed, each company has a differentiated formation and flow. Therefore, it is essential to have a thorough knowledge of the individuality of your business.

We will list here the 4 main foundations that should receive attention and you can add those that are interesting to your workflow.

Number of pending trades


Perhaps this is the data that is most needed when starting your Sales Pipeline. It consists of knowing how many pending issues there are, as well as the levels at which they exist. Here, you should know how many trades need to be closed to the system if you pay and do not close the month in the red. Know your average ticket and your management metrics so you know the quota of leads needed to close the month.

A good way to do this is to record all this on a Trello . Start by creating a column with what’s pending, and then start tagging, or move to the next columns we’ll talk about below;


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Possible Leads

Possible Leads

Second column that can be easily associated with the first. It concerns those contacts where we already have an open door, but not necessarily a business. For example, clients who have scheduled meetings, e-mails registered to receive the newsletter, and the like may be mentioned;

Statement of Interest

Here, the individual already becomes a great possibility of business closed! The first phase has passed, the person liked your proposal and this already makes it an important lead and deserves enough care. Add to the flow the possibility of presenting proposals in a more aggressive way.

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Proposal Acceptance


At this stage, the person is already a customer. In this case, the service team must already take action with the budget and, if necessary, the activation of the Finance and Legal teams;

Accepted quotation


Phase that comes soon after receiving and accepted the budget, concerns the move to the next phase, which is the invoice payment;



Invoice Paid

Invoice Paid

Now the work can begin, the team can already deliver the merchandise and the cycle is over!

How to Make More Money with the Sales Pipeline

How to Make More Money with the Sales Pipeline

Having more control over your business and sales opportunities, profitability comes as an unavoidable consequence. With each step the client passes, you will be aware and your mental triggers will be triggered so that you can take a differentiated measure to that character.

The funnel provides the seller or attendant with a series of possible activities and approaches in the sales timeline. With this information, you can send an email with promotions, make a call or call for a visit, for example.

Because the creation of the pipeline is very specific to each company or professional, your sales pipeline will most likely combine with your business as a glove.

Some questions to help you create the Sales Pipeline

Some questions to help you create the Sales Pipeline

  • How long is the sales cycle for my company?
  • How many surveys and consultations were done in the last cycle?
  • What is the sales conversion rate?
  • What is the turnover of the last cycle?
  • How many people are there in my client portfolio?
  • I need how many customers to close this cycle?
  • What are the particularities of my sales cycle?
  • What marketing measures does my company use?
  • What is the duration of the cycle that I want to establish?

With these questions in mind, your pipeline will be established in a way that is closely tied to your business. Remembering that it is good to be careful not to create too many rules and to plaster the pipeline in a bad and non-functional way.

Business is human relationships and subject to the subjective peculiarities of each person. So make your pipeline flexible enough to fit into any situation!

Get Organized

Get Organized

Small, medium or large, the enterprise must always be organized and well aligned. In that sense, choosing to make use of a Sales Pipeline is a smart choice to help in managing your venture.

Besides Trello that we mentioned above, there is an app also directed to this type of work: Pipedrive. In it, these phases can be easily adjusted, as well as scheduled a series of pop-ups and reminders for the phase changes.

Do you know another organizational platform? Well, do not forget to share with us in the comments. We hope we have helped you with our tips and hope to see you here for the next article!


So, did you like the tips of this article? We at BizCapital are here to help business owners who want to see their business take off! To check other tips on the world of entrepreneurship, follow our social networks: Facebook , LinkedIn and Instagram .